Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer: 17 Beachwear Ideas

It's time for you to look amazing on a beach near you!
What's needed?
- a beautiful swimsuit
- beachwear and accessories
An idea is to wear Eastern, tribal prints, Aztec prints... only if you have bright colors. I have prepared a ton of images showing you ideas on what to wear this summertime. Wearing white or bright colors is in trend now and I really suggest you do that, adding some accessories like a beautiful black and white watch and a bracelet with different colors, or with tribal prints is going to make you a shinny superstar at the beach.

I really hope you enjoy this outfit ideas and share this awesome post if you like it. I will post more when in the weekends because I don't work on weekends.

Source: Pinterest

Awesome and Inspiring Fashion Quotes (Images)

Read them one by one, and you will be inspired for sure.

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Work Outfit Images I Gathered From Pinterest

Want to share with you some work outfits I found on Pinterest and in my opinion they are worth buying, if you cannot find the exact outfit, just improvise and buy something similar to it. Don't forget about accessories.

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Stunning business casual work outfits, enjoy.

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Stunning and Outrageous Fashion Outfits - (Infographic)

Just thought this infographic will shed light on the most outrageous outfits ever worn. From Britney to Miley, just check the infographic out, you'll like it.

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Infographic: Fashion's Most Outrageous Outfits

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